Plant designer

Job requirements

1.Understand the attributes of common garden plants in north and south China, be good at plant configuration, have planting project is preferred

2.Can be responsible for greening plan, expansion and construction drawing design

3.Can plant design for medium-sized projects independently

4.Have strong sense of responsibility and teamwork spirit, good communication skills and program presentation skills

5.Graduated in civil engineering and other related majors;

6.Be familiar with garden landscape materials, construction technology, construction technology and design specifications, more than 3 years working experience in construction drawings of design companies or design institutes

7.Have independently completed the landscape construction drawing design of general scale or higher complexity projects of about 50,000 square meters or less, the design drawings are clear in logic, and the text of the landscape construction drawing has high accuracy and efficiency

8.Be familiar with the design and expansion of municipal garden landscape projects, construction drawings and subsequent stages

Resume delivery

F6, North Wing, Nanshan Building, Nanhai Blvd,
Nanshan District, Shenzhen