" Design Is HOPE "

HOPE Design has a dynamic design team of talented professionals with international and local background. Benefited from our respective areas of expertise, we strive to deliver the best engineering experience via intergration of international vision and Chinese traditional wisdom. Our offices are located in Shenzhen,  Italy and Qingdao.

HOPE Design believes that design is a driving force in the interaction between society, culture, economy and environment.By maximizing the potential of public spaces,urban prosperity can be achieved. Our design keeps evolving and innovating by actively responds to the ever-changing living environment, lifestyle and cultural evolution.

HOPE Design is committed to using landscape design, urban design, architectural design, and urban (green) infrastructure construction to adapt to local conditions to create a dynamic and comprehensive space. Multi-professional design teams work closely to tackle the challenges of sustainable design, which brings the harnomy between natural and design elements; and based on the optimal combination of cost, economy and culture, we endeavour to provide more comprehensive services in the process of urbanization in China, and create sustainable public spaces and living environments.

F6, North Wing, Nanshan Building, Nanhai Blvd,
Nanshan District, Shenzhen