HOPE Design has the national level A qualification for landscape architecture engineering design, level B qualification for urban and rural planning, level B qualification for municipal industry, and level B qualification for construction engineering. We are also the deputy director of the Shenzhen Landscape Survey and Design Association Garden Landscape Branch and a member of the United States ASLA and a national high-tech enterprise.

HOPE design focuses on the five business segments of landscape design, urban planning, ecological environment, special services, and municipal engineering design. Since its establishment, it has developed into Shenzhen HOPE Landscape and Architectural Planning and Design Co., Ltd. and HOPE International Design Consultant (Italy) Comprehensive design consulting service organization composed of Salerno Office, HOPE Hong Kong, HOPE Qingdao, and HOPE Nanjing. HOPE Design’s projects spread all over China, and has considerable influence in many areas such as urban public space, green space system planning, ecological restoration of waters, agricultural tourism, commercial complexes and high-end residences, industrial site transformation, urban renewal, industrial parks, and landscape identification.

"Design creates value, design changes life". As HOPE Design always believe in originality, viability and sustainability in design. Standing on our international vision and Chinese traditional wisdom, we believe the key to a harmonious and vibrant environment lies deep in the fusion of art and technology.

F6, North Wing, Nanshan Building, Nanhai Blvd,
Nanshan District, Shenzhen